The Arizona Proposition 207 legislation

Also going by the Smart and Safe Act, Arizona Proposition 207 legalizes the use of recreational marijuana in Arizona for adults 21 years and above.

After a failed November 2016 ballot initiation, the Smart and Safe Arizona Arizona marijuana legalization initiative finally got voters’ nod in November 2020.










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What are full term marijuana seeds (photoperiod marijuana seeds?)

Full term marijuana seeds or photoperiod marijuana seeds are regular weeds seeds that use a photoperiod: a measure of the cycle of time showing how long a marijuana plant is exposed to light each day.

Two numbers are often used to denote the measurement of the time cycle. The first number represents the time plants are exposed to light, while the second represents the time a plant should be in the dark.

For instance, a 12/12 cycle of light shows that the marijuana plant will need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

These regular marijuana seeds will require the gardener to control the dark and light cycles for the marijuana plant to flower at the appropriate time.

Growing Outdoor Vs Indoor : What’s The Best Environment For Growing Marijuana

When venturing into growing marijuana, you won’t escape the debate of growing outdoor vs. indoor.

If you are looking for the answer to the wide and wildly asked question of whether to grow marijuana outdoor or indoor, then a concise response would be both methods are the way to go after you consider what’s best for you.

A hobbyist marijuana grower with a Marijuana home garden installation has the desire for a consistent supply of weed while the ultimate goal of profit drives a commercial farmer.

The question then would be, does growing marijuana outdoor or indoor enable the hobbyist marijuana grower and the commercial grower to achieve their goals?

To reframe it, which growing method, outdoor or indoor, will achieve the ultimate goal?

Both methods have the ability to enable both growers to achieve their goals; what should concern you then is how do you pick the right growing method?

This article will certainly help you decide whether to grow cannabis outdoor or indoor after looking at either method’s advantages and disadvantages.

Marijuana Genetics – Understand the Major Cannabis Genetics For Your Marijuana Home Garden

Understanding the basics of marijuana basics is especially important to individuals who opt for a marijuana home garden installation or a weed lover who is just curious.

If you smoke marijuana often, then you can recollect times when one smoke blew you away. The smell, the taste was so out of this world.

You pick up another joint looking for the experience you had before, and this new joint doesn’t quite make the cut. And you wonder why?

Well, the answer is in the genetic makeup of the marijuana and the environment in which the cannabis was grown.

Agriculturalists tell us that the final product of a plant results from the plant’s genetic makeup and the conditions – environment – it is grown.

Different environments will result in plants so different in shape, size, and structure even though they have the same genetic structure.

This article will help marijuana growers interested in marker-assisted selection or marker aided selection (MAS) of their weed. In other words, knowing the genetic makeup of your marijuana you want will help you grow a consistent crop with the consistent results you wish – whether in terms of quality of the flowers or speed of growth.

By knowing your desired marijuana genotype, you can buy the right prop207 marijuana seeds or get the right outdoor grow house kit.

Smoking weed vs. marijuana edibles

They say all roads lead to Rome, so does Smoking weed vs. marijuana edibles both lead to a high. But the path to the high and the longevity, the intensity of the high are different as the consumption methods.

In this article, we'll detail the differences between smoking weed and ingesting (eating) weed.

THC Vs. CBD: The differences between CBD and THC

In this article, we'll join in the raging debate of THC Vs. CBD. We'll clearly answer a question we get a lot, what is the difference between THC and CBD? 

After reading the article, you won't be intimidate by the acronyms CBD and THC and the jargon around them.

As a lover or interested person in Marijuana, knowing the difference between CBD and THC is important. One does so well for recreational purposes, and both are soaked with medicinal power.

Marijuana vs. pharmaceutical drugs: the case for ditching prescription medicines for Marijuana

As more states in the U.S. and other countries worldwide legalize Marijuana, the debate of Marijuana vs. pharmaceutical drugs is heating up.

In this article, we will explore the case for medical Marijuana vs. prescription drugs.

We’ll look at the legality of Marijuana in the U.S. the consider the research. Finally, for individuals in states where Marijuana is legal, we share with you the possibility of growing Marijuana at home with a marijuana home garden installation.

Where To Buy Prop 207 Marijuana Seeds In Arizona

Online Or Offline

Marijuana seeds can be bought from seed banks in states and countries where growing marijuana is legal or online from licensed and regulated dealers.

At Marijuana Seed Connect, AZ, we stock Prop 207 Marijuana seeds: the best feminized marijuana seeds, non-feminized marijuana seeds, and auto flower marijuana seeds, and full term marijuana seeds.
We serve a diverse client base around the United States from our offices in Arizona.

In addition to being a reputable marijuana seed supplier, we also offer consultancy services to marijuana home growers.

So if you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale in Arizona, contact us.